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Cutch gets the Gold Glove!!!

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  • Cutch gets the Gold Glove!!!

    A well deserved accolade for one of the best "5 tool" players in the game. Hopefully it'll be the first of many. LETS GO BUCS!!!


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    McCutchen played a good CF this season. His reactions are good, he usually gets good jumps, his reads are usually good, and he obviously has terrific speed. His weakness remains throwing. His arm isn't particularly strong, he still lollipops some throws, and unfortunately doesn't always throw to the right base.

    Still, he did a good job. Was he deserving of the GG? Don't know, but he definitely was above average, in my opinion.


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      Cutch is an exciting young player, but I'm not sure he's potentially the best centerfielder on his team, let alone the National League. Just defensively speaking, I think Starling Marte would be a better fit in center. He has a much stronger arm than McCutchen and at least as much speed. I'm sure Cutch got the Gold Glove, because even though he faded badly in the second half, he still had an incredible year. Knowing he lost the batting title and most likely the MVP to Posey, I think it was a way to give him a "trophy" of some sort for the year he had.
      There's no doubt he makes a lot of highlight type catches, but my knocks on him defensively are:1. Bad routes to the ball, especially going back. 2. just average throwing arm. 3. seems to have a little Jim Edmonds in him, in that he often makes catches that shouldn't be that difficult, look harder than they are by sliding to catch almost every ball. Sometimes you have to do this, but he seems to have fallen in love with it. 4. not the best at making catches right by the fence.
      Though he made only one error, on a dropped can of corn fly ball, I watched 90% of Buc games on Root Sports, and a lot of times at home, he didn't get to balls he surely should have and because he didn't touch it, no error was charged. He looked a lot shakier defensively in Aug and Sept and I think that's because his and the whole teams offensive collapse really got to him.
      I'm rooting for Cutch and will always root for the Bucs no matter what, but Bourn should have easily won the GG if it's is just a defensive award.


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