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Big Changes For Pirates

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  • Big Changes For Pirates

    Mired in third place and barely playing 500 ball, big changes are in order for the Pirates. While the offensive players have performed to or above expectations, except for Andrew McCutchen, pitching has been a serious problem. The first change will involve visits to the mound.

    "I swear, when I visit the mound to talk to a pitcher, I don't tell him to throw a home run pitch. Honest!" said Manager Clint Hurdle. "I don't even tell him to walk people". Still, those have been the events following many mound visits. So the Pirates are instituting silent mound visits, where the visiting coach or manager will say nothing.

    Pirates General Manager Neil Huntington acknowledged its probably impossible to catch the Cubs who at this point are within reach of setting a record for games won. "We're hoping to get a wild card spot" said Huntington.

    It will take better pitching to do that and Huntington working on some possible pitcher acquisitions. He is looking closely at the Tampa Bay Rays staff in hopes of getting some pitching help. "We think there's a lucky streak here" said Huntington "as the only players we have who have substantially exceeded expectations are the former Rays, Jaso, Freese, and Rodriguez."

    Manager Clint Hurdle is also planning a pitching change. Andrew McCutchen will become a starting pitcher although he hasn't pitched a game since High School. "It won't hurt our pitching" said Hurdle "as most of our starters are performing like High School pitchers."

    However, having McCutchen pitching and batting ninth will improve the offense. McCutchen is currently hitting better than the average pitcher, with offensive performance on the level of a platoon shortstop.

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    Everyone lost their sense of humor?


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