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    Yea, they're all over the place. SB Nation, I think it is, keeps asking whether the Pirates are buyers or sellers.

    OK, the Cubs have cooled off from their 115 win pace they were once on and seem set to win 97 to 99 games. The Pirates have to play over 750 ball for the rest of the year to win 100. Buyers? C'mon.

    Course, I think the Pirates shouldn't be sellers either. Well, unless they want to sell half the pitchers to some AAA team. :applaud: Just sit tight. There's nothing to do with this year. "Oh, well, we're just a few games out of the last wild card spot." Really, what's the point of being a 84-78 team in the playoffs against 98-64 teams? Win, and its tainted.

    Time to think about next year. See if it makes sense to sign any of the players who could leave, hope McCutchen and Kang recover next year, and develop some pitching.

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