Gair Allie played for the Pirates in 1954, hitting .199 in 121 games. He died October 4, 2016. Only 10 players from the 1954 Pirates are still alive, with the youngest being Bob Skinner (85 years old) and the oldest Johnny Hetki (94).

Gair Roosevelt Allie Sr, 84 succumbed to Heart disease at his home surrounded by his family on October 4, 2016. ...

While at Wake Forest he was being scouted by the Pittsburgh Pirates as well the New York Yankees. Gair choose to play for the Pirates in 1952 due to his relationship with Branch Ricky Jr. The pirates sent Gair to the New Orleans Pelicans and was awarded the honorary mayor of New Orleans due to his excellent baseball ability and popularity within New Orleans community. Gair was called up to the major leagues in 1954 and debut in his first game on April 13, 1954. In 1955 while in Havana Cuba during spring training he broke his ankle and leg which sent him to rehab. Gair recuperated and was eventually sent to the Pacific coast league and played for the Hollywood stars. Gair was eventually drafted into the Army during the Korean War and arrived in San Antonio where he was stationed at Fort Sam Houston. Gair settled down in San Antonio once his baseball and military career was over.
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Charlie Sands played for the Pirates briefly in 1971 and 1972. He died August 22 at 68.


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Steve Nagy was a Pirate in 1947. In 14 innings, he had a 5.79 ERA. He died July 24 at 97. Only three players from the 1947 team still survive: Lee Howard (92), Eddie Basinski (93) and Wally Westlake (95).

Stephen Nagy, passed away on Sunday, July 24, 2016 at his home in Poulsbo, Washington. He was born on May 28, 1919 and was 97 years of age.
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