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Mike Piazza TO The PADRES!

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  • Mike Piazza TO The PADRES!

    SAN DIEGO -- All-Star catcher Mike Piazza agreed Sunday to a $2 million, one-year free agent contract with the San Diego Padres, giving the defending NL West champions a marquee player they think can still contribute.

    Piazza, 37, had considered joining an AL team as a designated hitter, but instead will return to the West Coast for the first time since the Los Angeles Dodgers traded him to the Florida Marlins in 1998.

    The deal includes a mutual option for 2007 at $8 million.

    Even with Piazza's production at the plate declining, his 19 homers with the New York Mets last season were more than any Padres player hit. Piazza holds the major league record for most career home runs by a catcher.

    "The Padres told Mike that he could pretty much catch as much as he wanted to," said Piazza's agent, Dan Lozano.

    Piazza is hoping to catch about 90-100 games this season, along with playing some first base and being the DH in interleague games.

    You guys didn't really invest much in him, so should be a good signing.

    Moonlight Graham game, no at-bats...

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    I think its a very good signing. But I also think he would have been better off in the AL. Dont know how much more he can take behind the plate every day.
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      This sure looks like a mistake on Piazza's part, but it didn't look like any AL team was really interested in him. Offensively he would be much better off in Philly.
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        Keep in mind that whatever power Piazza actually has left will be cut even more because of Petco Park

        Moonlight Graham game, no at-bats...


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          Doh! What was he thinking?
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            He is a stubborn person -- he wants to catch, so he'll catch (but at the expense of his numbers).

            Moonlight Graham
   game, no at-bats...



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              For the 500th time this offseason...

              WHY PADRES? WHY?
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                I hate to see him go, I really do... but I understand why. I agree he should have gone to Philly instead.


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                  At first I thought he was nuts agreeing to play in Petco Park, but at his press conference he said something about getting back to "pure hitting". For him, that means going to RF and that part of the park is shallow enough for him to get one out. Plus he can still jack one to the deepest part of any park - not as much as he used to but he can still get it done. And the man has always played in pitcher's parks, he's never done it the easy way. Which makes what he's done all the more amazing. I wish him well.
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                    Piazza SD bound

                    Originally posted by JeepingBaseball

                    I hate to see him go, I really do... but I understand why. I agree he should have gone to Philly instead.
                    I concur...Phillies would have been a far better fit...i guess he's thinking
                    of off days and more..especially in the SD area...basically, no AL team
                    wanted him...unless it was at an even lower offer than the Padres deal!


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