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    Damn nobody posts here at the Padres Forum, also I havent seen alot of Padres fans around here at BBF, its only Bullwinkle and me (and bullwinkle is not posting alot right now), I know its the World Series and all that, but I hope that in this offseason, you guys post offseason moves and all that hopefully here and all those unused forums.

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    I love the Padres, I just have nothing to talk about with them yet. Hopefully after the Series they sign some big time free agents with the added Petco Park money.

    I'd like them to pickup a number one pitcher and a catcher. Maybe Pettite and Lopez?

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      I would take Kendell over Lopez.

      Lopez is an injury waiting to happen to an inconsistent catcher. Furthermore his handling of young pitchers is suspect. Maybe Pudge would be good for you to groom Eaton and lawrence.

      Im not sure Pettite is a NL pitcher. AND he will be expensive.
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        Those guys are good but what I think we need most is RELIEF PITCHING, Luther Hackman is good, but not so good, Rod Beck has an ERA of less than 1 in save situations, but an ERA over 3 in non-save situations, and he will not be closing next season. I like Scott Linebrink for a long relief, but in like his 3rd inning he gets pounded. Mike Mathwees -the everyday guy- is good, but he's old and losing his speed by much. I think Trevor Hoffman next season will work ONLY for save situations, cause you got Rod Beck that can get the job done.


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          A healthy Trevor Hoffman and Rod Beck.It's lights out then.


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            Originally posted by Chisox73
            A healthy Trevor Hoffman and Rod Beck.It's lights out then.
            They can, what they cant do is pitch everyday.
            thanx 4 the posts


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              Tony Gwynn is my favorite player of all time, so I like the pads.
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                Tony Gwynn's also my fav player, cool.


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                  No one posts...

                  kelo80: sorry about not posting, but if you have read some of my other posts, my 2004 son is the last days of baseball scholarship negotiation. The family stress and travel to schools is huge right now. So I don't have alot of time to sit on the computer talking to other Baseball fans.

                  Plus, prior to you on board I was the ONLY padre fan on board, so it's not a whole lot of fun talking to yourself.

                  After the November early signing period, I'll be able to talk more.

                  Posted from AZ on the way to the Chargers Home Game.
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                    Ok, thanx for posting that...

                    Chargers lost 10-26, they are 1-6 now, damn!, those tix were free at Sun Devil, the bolts had a hard time scoring from the red zone, well they only scored 1 time! I would be better if we had the game here in San Diego, but as you know, the city is BURNING IN FLAMES.


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                      take a look to this beauty
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                        Cool picture.Is that supposed to be an old building in the left field corner?

                        BTW,don't fret about the Bolts.I think you'll steal one in Chicago on Sunday.The Bears cannot win 2 in a row.Impossible!The Bolts are my team too.


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                          Yea, its the western metal supply building, if you know Pancho Villa(mexican hero), theres were he went to buy bullets.

                          The bolts, this years fraud, I think Im not going to any of their games this season, they are horrible, Drew Brees gets sacked and intercepted alot, Tomlinson isnt running like last year, Brees always passes to tomlinson not to boston, and that young defense is good sometimes and horrible others, They will likely finish with a 2-14 record this season.


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                            If only new stadiums=victory.
                            I share pictures from my collection of baseball photographs on twitter @PastimeClassics


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                              Originally posted by Chisox73
                              Bears cannot win 2 in a row.Impossible!
                              Wrong prediction

                              Chargers 7
                              Bears 20

                              Damn it, next week gets even harder vs the Vikings, I just hope we can win in a dramatic way so all people says "wow the chargers"



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