I have put together a digital photo history of the Padres…..1969 through 2018.
The only photos of players in their Padres uniforms that I’m missing are listed below.
If you can help, please contact me at [email protected].
Again, I’m only looking for digital photos (e.g., JPEGs) that can be emailed. Willing to trade and help you with your photo collection.
If you are interested in a copy of my Padres CD (over 3000 photos), please contact at the above email.
1981 Steve Fireovid, Mike Phillips
1982 Jerry Manuel
1985 Miguel Dilone
1990 John Davis
1994 Mike Campbell
1996 Al Osuna, Mike Oquist, Pete Walker, Todd Steverson
1997 Danny Jackson
1998 Ben Van Ryn
2002 Jonathan Johnson, Bobby M. Jones (Left-Hander), Doug Nickle, Jason Pearson, Jason