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    Ok, guys, this is driving me crazy. I've looked all over, and I can't find anything. You know when you go to a padres game and they play that one song to that one video before the game and it goes something like "Come and see the show..."? Does anyone have any idea what that song is called or who the artist is? I MUST have it!

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    ok I think I found it. It's called "Come on see the show" by emerson lake and palmer, but I can't find a download anywhere.


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      there is an album called "Come and see the Show: The Best of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer" due out in April. B0014BEC9E|Come_and_See_the_Show:_The_Best_of_Emer son,_Lake_&_Palmer_:_Music=&ref=tgt_adv_XSNG1060

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        It's not called "Come and See the Show," though. It is a very long song entitled "Karn Evil 9" from the album Brain Salad Surgery by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. The "Come and See the Show" part is from the middle of the song.
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