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  • The Living Original Padres

    The San Diego Padres debuted 47 years ago, in 1969. That club featured a cast of 42 players, 27 of whom are still alive and kicking.

    Jack Baldschun, 79
    Tony Gonzalez, 79
    Chris Cannizzaro, 77
    Al McBean, 77
    Al Ferrara, 76

    Chris Krug, 76
    Ed Spiezio, 74
    Larry Stahl, 74
    Bill Davis, 73
    Tom Dukes, 73

    Tommie Sisk, 73
    Jose Arcia, 72
    Walt Hriniak, 72
    Cito Gaston, 71
    Frank Reberger, 71

    Jerry DaVanon, 70
    Tommy Dean, 70
    Nate Colbert, 69
    Mike Corkins, 69
    Leon Everitt, 69

    Van Kelly, 69
    John Sipin, 69
    Gary Ross, 68
    Jim Williams, 68
    Al Santorini, 67

    Fred Kendall, 66
    Jerry Morales, 66

    Deaths reported since this list began:

    Steve Arlin: September 25, 1945 - August 17, 2016
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    Updated to reflect the passing of Steve Arlin.


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      Incredibly, the 1969 Padres have not lost a member since 2016. Since I last updated this thread, the three folks who have died are Chris Cannizzaro, Leon Everitt and Jose Arcia, who all died in 2016. The remaining 24:

      Jack Baldschun
      Tony Gonzalez
      Al McBean
      Al Ferrara
      Chris Krug
      Ed Spiezi
      Larry Stahl
      Bill Davis
      Tom Dukes
      Tommie Sisk
      Walt Hriniak
      Cito Gaston
      Frank Reberger
      Jerry DaVanon
      Tommy Dean
      Nate Colbert
      Mike Corkins
      Van Kelly
      John Sipin
      Gary Ross
      Jim Williams
      Al Santorini
      Fred Kendall
      Jerry Morales


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