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Jake Peavy and Throwback Uniforms

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  • Jake Peavy and Throwback Uniforms

    Saturday's game with the Padres wearing the club's 1936 PCL uniform was something special. Jake Peavy did not pitch his best game but looked so much the part, even with the double pump to start the game.

    Having the Pacific Coast League Padre players attend the game was a great tribute to San Diego baseball history. I have been fortunate to see the Padres play at Lane Field, Westgate Park, etc. For a while I thought I was a little kid at Lane Field again.

    Jake Peavy reminds me of the way the game was played years ago. He wants to stay in the game. He would make every game a complete game if he could. He actually enjoys the competition. This young kid is the true leader of this team. Maybe Ryan Klesko and Phil Nevin can learn something from him. The Padres would be better off if they stopped making excuses, shaking their heads, get the sour looks off their faces, sucked it up and had some fun. As Jake Peavy might say "Come on Boys, lets play some ball"

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    Also, Seattle wore the 1938 Raniers of the old PCL unis. It was good to see almost all of the players wearing pants at the knee showing socks.....
    It is very unfortunate that so little visable enthusiasm is seen around the league. It ain't what it used to be fellas......Here is a pic of the unis......

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      '60's Padres

      I remember watching the Padres at old Westgate Park-when they won the '67 PCL championship. Seems like Bobby Klaus was player manager one of those years. He was my favorite on those teams. How would I get player stats from those years and pics of the players and uniforms they wore? I loved Westgate -with the chain link fence and the grass with the eucalyptus trees behind left field. Our little league team went there after we won the championship in '67 in Clairemont Mesa. I used to listen to the games on the radio Johnny Podres and John Edwards etc. You could here the "pop" of the ball as it hit the catchers glove and the sound of the crack when the bat hit the ball solidly.I remember Ricardo Joseph being called up to the majors and the big deal they made of it.


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