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Al or Alvin Dark?

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  • Al or Alvin Dark?

    I have noticed during the past few days that the name Al Dark would ocassionally appear while reading about the former NEW Giants All-Star. He played in that classic game when Bobby Thomson hit that "Shot heard around the World" in 1951.

    I always thought he used the name "Alvin" during his playing career.

    So here's my question:

    What name (Al or Alvin) was used on the Lineup Cards during his playing career? and How did he sign his name on Baseball Cards and during autograph sessions?
    A former "Brooklyn Dodgers BUM (Fan)" who became "JUST " A Baseball Fan in the Spring of 1958.

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    Re: Al or Alvin Dark?

    It was always Alvin.


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      I don't have any of his Baseball Cards, so I will have to take your word about his signature as Al Dark.

      I frequent, Baseball Reference Com, Baseball Library and Baseball Almanac and to look at his Stats they are listed under Alvin Dark.

      You are right about... there is no big diiferent whether it one or the other, I was just curious about something that I have missed for over 50 years.

      A former "Brooklyn Dodgers BUM (Fan)" who became "JUST " A Baseball Fan in the Spring of 1958.


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        I seem to remember him as Alvin on my BB cards too bad I lost them years ago. I could have probably retired. But after many years of "knoc-down", "bounce-back and flips... they weren't quite as pristine
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          I had the pleasure of meeting Alvin in 1987 during spring training in West palm beach,Fla nice man


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            When he was playing, he was "Alvin Dark."

            When he was managing, he was "Al Dark."

            Dad even remembers Russ Hodges announcing his name when he was a player.

            Remember a certain second baseman being "Dave Johnson" during his playing career and "Davey Johnson" during his managerial career?
            "They put me in the Hall of Fame? They must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel!"
            -Eppa Rixey, upon learning of his induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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              Mr Dark was gracious enough to sign 2 cards for me through the mail.
              He signed both of them "Alvin Dark".
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                Al or Alvin Dark

                I have met Dark at 2 autograph shows and he also signed a bunch of items for me for donating to his golf tournament. I must have 20 autographed pieces and they are all signed "Al Dark".


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