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sixth in series - the outfield

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  • sixth in series - the outfield

    this is the sixth in a series of 7 weekly stories on examining the giants, position by position.


    "It all comes down to No. 25. Again.

    "Barry Bonds' 41-year-old knees are at the heart -- well, make that ligaments and cartilage -- of the Giants' 2006 season, and if those creaky old bones can stay viable, so will San Francisco."
    -rich draper,

    here is the story

    and in case you missed 'em, here are the 5 prior installments on the giants:

    the starting rotation

    relief pitching


    corner infielders

    middle infielders
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    bonds is expected to be bonds... except the giants have warned us to expect him to start in about 110 games. i got him down for 130 starts, and playing in 145.

    if winn shows a hefty percentage of what he did in the latter months of last season, i say offer that dude an extended contract.

    hopefully, alou will stay off the disabled list. if so, and he starts 130 games, he will be an adequate #5.

    good things will come from finley if he stays healthy. if any one of these guys goes down for an extended length, the giants are in trouble.
    "you don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. just get people to stop reading them." -ray bradbury


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      Well, on paper, the first 4 guys are all solid players with Bonds obviously being a superstar. But three of them are 40, which means injuries are always a possibility. Finley's history indicates that last year's problem were unusual, so there's some hope there. But if they stay healthy this could be a major strength of the team.

      All in all I think I'll be having my fingers crossed all season about these guys.

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