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  • Ode to the Giants

    I posted this in the history section, where we are trying are coming up with our own versions of Ogden Nash's "Lineup from Yesterday." I thought that I would share it here:


    A is for Aurilia,

    A shortstop of the past

    He had a fantastic 2001,

    But he couldn’t make it last.

    B is for Bumgarner,

    With his mountain man look

    He’s an all-time world series performer,

    You can look it up in the book.

    C is for Clark,

    Both Will and Jack.

    They both left the Giants too early,

    And they never came back.

    D is for Davenport

    Jimmy D, it would seem,

    He never played an inning

    For any other team

    E is for Estes

    Shawn was the name,

    He only had one good year,

    But he lost the All Star Game.

    F is for The Freak

    Who started out like a comet,

    Then he suddenly got so bad,

    One just wanted to vomit.

    G is for Gary

    A lefty named LaVelle,

    He pitched more games than any Giant,

    And his ERA+ is pretty swell.

    H is for Hart

    The venerable Jim Ray,

    He’s still my favorite Giant,

    Right to this very day.

    I is for Ivie

    Who’s 1979 left us wanting more,

    Then he sliced off a finger,

    And he was out the door.

    J is for Juan

    The Dominican Dandy

    He never got a Cy Young,

    Because he always went against Sandy.

    K is for Kent

    As surely as could be,

    But he had some big years,

    And he won an MVP.

    L is for Lamar

    Barry’s middle name,

    Such a stellar career,

    Yet still no Hall of Fame.

    M is for Mays

    A player without peer

    He was simply amazing,

    Year after year after year

    N is for Nen

    In Giant saves number one,

    But he couldn’t handle Glaus,

    And 2002 was undone

    O is for Orlando,

    A magnificent stick,

    He won an MVP for the Cardinals,

    And it made me sick

    P is for Posey

    Our superstar Buster,

    He’ll continue to excel,

    And finish with luster.

    Q is for quotes

    Brian Wilson had a lot,

    He’d make us sweat it out,

    Then get out of the spot

    R is for Roger

    “Humm baby” his creed,

    He broke through in 89,

    And the Cubs were beaten indeed

    S is for Sandoval

    And his great home run spree

    He jump-started the series,

    With not two, but three

    T is for Titles

    Yes Three out of five,

    It’s been a great decade,

    The Giants certainly came alive.

    U is for Uribe

    Not Jose, but Juan,

    He hit the big homer,

    And the Phillies were gone

    V is for Vida

    He came in 78

    And led a Giant resurgence,

    They challenged until late.

    W is for Willie Mac

    Far went the balls that he drove,

    They loved him so much,

    They named McCovey Cove

    X is for eXtrordinary MVPs

    McCovey, Mitchell, and Mays,

    Posey, Kent, and Bonds,

    We’ve sure had glory days.

    Y is for (Cy) Young

    The Giants have a few

    Mike McCormick even won one,

    And Timmy has two

    Z is for Zito

    He got the ball in game 5,

    And shut down the Cardinals,

    To keep 2012 alive
    Last edited by JR Hart; 10-17-2017, 09:24 AM.
    This week's Giant

    #5 in games played as a Giant with 1721 , Bill Terry

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    Wow, that would have taken a lot of work to complete this. My favorite is S is for Sandoval
    “Well, I like to say I’m completely focused, right? I mean, the game’s on the line. It’s not like I’m thinking about what does barbecue Pop Chips and Cholula taste like. Because I already know that answer — it tastes friggin’ awesome!"--Brian Wilson


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      Originally posted by KHenry14 View Post
      Wow, that would have taken a lot of work to complete this. My favorite is S is for Sandoval
      thanks it was fun coming up with it
      This week's Giant

      #5 in games played as a Giant with 1721 , Bill Terry


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        Nice job sir!
        Greetings from Germany


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