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    I'm glad to see the Giants climbing up over .500 again, but I'm a little worried about Buster Posey and his lack of production. After last night's game he was hitting .284 with just 5 home runs and 26 RBI's. His home runs have gone down quite a bit in the last few years and it looks like he's on a pace for 10 home runs and 52 or so RBI's. It's OK when you're hitting .320 like he did last year, but .280ish? Just doesn't seem like him.

    A lot of you see him more on a day to day basis than I do, living on the East Coast, but I'm hoping he doesn't morph into Joe Mauer 2.0 with eight home runs and fifty RBI's a year.

    Please tell me I'm overreacting and he'll be back well over .300 at year's end.

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    I'd say you're slightly over reacting. Buster loses some power to ATT park (53hr vs 80ish lifetime), although he's hit much better at home this year. I was guessing he was getting close to the 1200 or so games caught that usually is the end point for most catchers. The Giants protect Buster in this regard a bunch, he's at 845 games.....throw out 2011 when he was hurt, and he's around 110 games caught. It's hard to find a catcher without 1-2 years with some odd numbers just due to the injuries they play through. He's 31, which is around the time most players are into their decline phase, historically. He's a great player, but it's really hard to say. I think it's just an off year away from ATT, and that's what's dragging his season down some.


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