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Hank Greenwald passes away

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  • Hank Greenwald passes away

    Very sad news for us older Giants fans. :-( Hank Greenwald passed away yesterday at age 83.
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    He was a great announcer. Called a solid game, and with a sense of humor too. My favorite memory was back in the 80's when KNBR was running a contest where you would call Frank and Mike in the morning and tell them what the Play of the Day was from the last game the Giants played. Problem was, the Giants were so bad they didn't hardly have a loud out that Hank could use as a Play of the Day. So he got to the 9th inning with a play, so the first guy up hit a foul grounder to 1st and Hank called it the Play of the Day. It was hilarious. He will be missed
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