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  • Hunter Strickland issue

    When the Giants cut Strickland, I admit to being a bit curious as to why. Well, Andrew Baggarly tweeted this out today:

    Some folks asking me today about SF's decision to non-tender Strickland. He did a dipwad thing and defied both his Hall of Fame manager and his former MVP catcher to settle a personal score. And that was before he put himself on the DL by punching a wall.

    We all knew he is a hot head, but stuff like this makes it clear why they let him go. What a tool...
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    Dude, When Buster Posey tells you not to do something you don't do it! That probably explains why when Strickland beaned Bryce Harper, Buster just stood there at home plate. At the time I thought that was very strange because I had never before seen a catcher not defend his pitcher in such a situation. Usually the catcher is out there tackling the batter.
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