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  • Honus Wagner Rules
    Mike Yastrzemski has now played 81 major league games. If you double his stats you get:

    .267/.321/.534, 121 OPS+
    618 PA
    36 HR
    96 RBI
    100 runs
    30 doubles
    6 triples
    150 hits
    300 Total Bases
    42 walks
    156 Strikeouts
    4.2 WAR

    That is a borderline All Star. I hope this is sustainable going into next season.
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  • Honus Wagner Rules
    I pretty much agree with everything you said, TI. It is an awesome feel good story and when the Giants play at Fenway Park next month it's going to be awesome to seem Mike and grandpa Carl on the field together. I really hope they take photos together near the Green Monster. But I have this gnawing feeling in my gut that what Mike is doing is just a small sample size fluke. He's never hit like this in the minors and he's only had 283 PA's so far in the majors. And he turned 29 today so he's not young. Also, he hardly draws any walks so he needs to hit around .280 at least to keep his OBP at a respectable level.

    Mike got off to a slow start after joining the Giants.

    First 16 games: .214/.286/.321
    Next 59 games: .295/336/.614

    I seriously doubt Mike is a true .295/.336/.614 type hitter.
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  • Toledo Inquisition
    Mike Yastrzemski is the feel good story of the summer, based on his performance/age, along with his grandfather's legacy. I think the key is how well he maintains his batting average. As we know, the easiest offense for MLB to find right now is mid-range power guys with 25 homer skills. You know the reasons, launch angle, juiced ball, three true outcomes, etc.

    Mike's case could be analogous to the White Sox last year with Daniel Palka and Matt Davidson. In 2017, Matt Davidson hit 0.220/0.260/0.452 with 26 homers in 414 AB's at playing age 26. In 2018, he hit 0.228/0.319/0.419 with 20 homers in 434 AB at age 27. In 2018, Daniel Palka hit 0.240/0.294/0.484 with 27 homers in 417 AB at playing age 26. Both players are now in the minor leagues, and relatively struggling, primarily due to batting average (leading into poor OBP's). Palka remains in the Sox minors, Davidson is elsewhere.

    I'm NOT saying that will be Mike Yastrzemski's fate, but I think the batting average component needs to be monitored closely. If he starts falling in the Palka/Davidson low BA range, you might have serious issues. Yastrzemski is a year or two older than they were, but appears to have much better defensive skills than Davidson and Palka, so those two factors work against each other.

    In short, if Mike Yastrzemski can keep his BA above 0.270, I think he's got a much better chance to remain in the big leagues than if he drops to 0.240....keep a close watch on his BA Honus!

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  • Honus Wagner Rules
    started a topic Mike Yastrzemski

    Mike Yastrzemski

    I love this kid. He came completely out of nowhere. Yastrzemski is about to enter a very rare group. In 62 seasons in San Francisco only three Giants rookies have had a 20+ home run season.

    31- Jim Ray Hart 1964
    29- Dave Kingman 1972
    25- Orlando Cepeda 1958

    Yastrzemski has 17 home runs so far.

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