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    Are in 1st Place!!!!! I thought the team might contend for a Wild Card spot...but never be 2 games ahead of the Bums at the break. First, Farhan Zaidi has done a brilliant job putting this team together. No one thought much of Gausman or DiSclafani yet one is an all star and the other has 10 wins. Second, Gabe Kapler has been excellent. He's gotten a lot out of guys like Casali who nobody thought would be anything. Yet here we are. I wasn't happy with Kapler's hiring...I'm very happy to be wrong.

    I see 3 reasons for their success. First is the starting pitching. Obviously these guys are keeping them in every game. Secondly, team defense has been superb (except for Dickerson). Finally, I am astounded at the home run totals. I don't know if blocking the archways have actually helped at home, but something is happening and I like it!

    Anyway, I'm ecstatic with the team's performance. Whether they can keep it up remains to be seen. The upcoming games against the Bums will go a long way towards how the rest of the season will go, so here's hoping for at least a split.
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    The home runs the Giants have hit is shocking. And what I like is that it's not just one or two guys wut hthe bulk of the homers. It's been a true team effort. It's also shocking that with the all the injuries thy have been in first place since May 31. Hopefully Buster, Belt, and Longo will be back soon.
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