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Sad news about Omar Vizquel

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  • Sad news about Omar Vizquel

    It appears that Omar Vizquel will have to miss 4-6 weeks, possibly missing the beginning of the regular season with a torn medial meniscus in his left knee. Here is something about his injury here:

    Team doctors said the surgery went exactly as planned and he’ll be on schedule to return sometime the first week of the season, barring any setbacks. However, the 41-year-old shortstop may not heal as quickly as we need him to. With age comes longer healing times and it could be the end of April before we truly see him take the field and playing at 100 percent.

    What this means for the Giants is that Kevin Frandsen will get the opening day starting job at short, ending his competition with Ray Durham for the job at second.

    This also means that we will see Rich Aurilia as the starting third baseman, unless the Joe Crede deal goes through before the end of spring training. I just hope that this doesn’t put more pressure on the front office to bring someone on that we don’t need. I’d hate to see us lose a great prospect just to put on a band-aid.

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    Because you still need to make money, RZT. If you lose 110 games with all AAA players, you might as well not even play the season out. Theyre still trying to be respectable.
    Originally posted by Domenic
    The Yankees should see if Yogi Berra can still get behind the plate - he has ten World Series rings... he must be worth forty or fifty million a season.


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      Do you have a link?
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        Let's not go there guys....this is a baseball forum.
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          Frandsen's ability compared to Vizquel's fielding ability in the regular season (in terms of consistency) is probably unproven if it started tomorrow. Let's see how he fares in Spring Training. By March 31st, if Vizquel doesn't (and likely won't) return, he should be alright. Time will tell...


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