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Noah Lowry battling tendinitis

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  • Noah Lowry battling tendinitis

    against the rangers on monday, 03 03 08 his line was:

    1 inn
    0 h
    4 r
    4 er
    9 bb
    0 k
    2 wp
    12 bf

    the 4-pitch walk to the leadoff batter was as sign of bad things to follow as
    lowry walked 9 of the 12 batters he faced! today's paper had him for 4 wild pitches but for the 2 hit-the-screen-on-the-fly caroms that did not permit runners to advance.
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    They replayed the inning last night on XM. Lol... pretty rough start. Hopefully he'll rebound his next go around.
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      This something physically wrong with Lowry. Yesterday's performance goes well beyond just being wild. I'm concerned about Lowry. His control and K rate has been going down for years. A declining K rate is a seriously bad sign

      [B]Year     IP       K       BB       K/BB[/B]
      2004     92.0     72      28       2.57
      2005    204.7    172      76       2.26
      2006    159.3     84      56       1.50
      2007    156.0     87      87       1.00
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        Noah Lowry battling tendinitis

        No wonder Noah Lowry has been struggling....

        Sorry if this is a repetitive post. I haven't seen any others....

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