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jenkins: bonds or no, giants will contend

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  • jenkins: bonds or no, giants will contend

    The Giants have nothing to fear. Arizona is stockpiling some excellent prospects but still has no pitching. Colorado isn't even worth mentioning. San Diego remains dreadfully dull and one-dimensional, a complete joke in its role as defending division champion. The Dodgers lack power aside from Jeff Kent and (when he plays) J.D. Drew. The rotation is surrounded by doubt, as is the prospect of closer Eric Gagne staying healthy all season.

    It says here, at the headquarters of Dead Wrong in Public, they can handle the assignment.

    Things have changed that significantly from last year, when the team was inconceivably awful in Bonds' absence.
    -bruce jenkins, sf chronicle sports writer, sunday, 12 march 2006

    here is the story
    "you don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. just get people to stop reading them." -ray bradbury

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    This is the quote I liked from the article....

    The team has played only 14 games in which it was eliminated from postseason contention since Sabean took over the GM job in 1997

    That says a lot. The team has been in contention every year since Sabes took over, and as a fan, all I want is for my team to have a shot at it. That has consistantly happened over the past 8 seasons. Would I have liked that WS win? You bet, 2002 still hurts 4 years later. But year in and year out the team is competitive. Even as poorly as last years team was put together, they were in contention till the last.

    “Well, I like to say I’m completely focused, right? I mean, the game’s on the line. It’s not like I’m thinking about what does barbecue Pop Chips and Cholula taste like. Because I already know that answer — it tastes friggin’ awesome!"--Brian Wilson


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      when i first read the article, that sentence jumped out to me as if printed in red emboldened print.
      14 games in 8 seasons!

      i'd like to know where that places the giants amongst other teams during that span.

      oh, sabr guys...
      "you don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. just get people to stop reading them." -ray bradbury


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