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  • News Flash New Book Says Bonds Was Doping


    All of the people writing books about bonds doing steroids should have to pay Barry royalties because without him they would not be able to have such a profitable business in publishing books about banned substances.
    Firstly we the public act like bonds is the only one who used or was using. Major league baseball ran random drug tests on all major league baseball players last year. Bonds was clean. If he is using and can’t be caught blame the tests for not being stronger.
    We all forget about Garry Sheffield admitting to using a steroid that was in a cream form and his axcuse was that I thought it was like a Ben gay cream, something to help against muscle pain. Bonds used a similar argument, but none of the so called writers have accepted it.
    I have lost a lot of respect for bud Selig and the parties that run MLB. When Sosa and mark McGuire were killing it nothing was done, because baseball needed to bring back fans after the strike. So other were doping but maybe not having the same amount of success. Now that bonds is going to break career records and the fans are back they step in now. Not only that, congress had to force them to step in and have harsher drug policy.
    It is obvious that Barry did use some performance enhancing drugs that are illegal to take without a prescription. His body size increase is evident of that, but he choices to deny it. Like many others that are accused of taking steroids also deny it, Garry Sheffield, Rafie, curt shilling, Sammy Sosa the list goes on and on and on. Until he is caught like Rafie and Giambi were you can’t do anything about it, but write a book about something that we already know.
    I’m surprised no one has brought up anything about Giambi for having so much success in the second half what super drug did he find to help him improve? What is he using now? Why can't the major league's test for drugs the same way the Olympics? How about trying something as innovating as a blood test? If some Olympic athletes will get away with doping it will be a piece of cake for major league players to do it as well.
    Personally I feel instead of going after bonds why not direct your efforts to force MLB to have better testing to make it harder for players to cheat.
    Congress steps in to clean up baseball too bad they won’t to something about the harmful drugs that fill our streets. Personally I am more concerned about crack babies than bonds turning him self into Flex Armstrong
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    You have raised some great points. Although I am convinced that Bonds is guilty and should be banned from baseball and his numbers disqualified -- he is hardly alone in his use of steroids. I think that if MLB (or other authorities) move against Bonds, Barry will reveal names of other top stars who have been doping. He won't "go down" without giving up a boatload of other guys.


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      ^^ ...Bonds is guilty and should be banned from baseball and his numbers disqualified ... He won't "go down" without giving up a boatload of other guys.

      baseball must abide by the rules in place, which do not speak to, or allow under any circumstances, many argue, banishment and change of numbers.
      changing the numbers would be nearly impossible to perfrom. the outcomes of which would raise some serious arguments.

      as for bonds dropping a dime on others: you can claim many things about bonds and actually be correct on some/many accounts. but that's not bonds.
      "you don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. just get people to stop reading them." -ray bradbury


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