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    What are Giants fans opinions of Rowland thus far? As a Phils fan, I wish he was still in Philly.

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    hes great, hes plays hard for us everytime...

    a friend of mine and i want to bring some rowing paddles to a giants game and whenever rowand come up to bat we're gonna pretend like were in a boat and start "rowin' for rowand"

    lol, its gonna catch on...


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      All in all, Giants fans are very happy with Aaron. He fits the team well, he plays hard every game, frankly I can't think of a single negative. However there are some (you know who you are ) Who think we over paid for what we are getting, but the bottomline is that he is a good addition IMO.
      “Well, I like to say I’m completely focused, right? I mean, the game’s on the line. It’s not like I’m thinking about what does barbecue Pop Chips and Cholula taste like. Because I already know that answer — it tastes friggin’ awesome!"--Brian Wilson


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        Who, praytell, is Aaron Rowland?

        I'm enjoying watching Rowand play. Maybe I haven't been paying as much attention this year as in seasons past, but I never really hear his name as having done well in a game but then I turn around and he's hitting .300 with good power numbers for the season.


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          Think it was a great signing.
          He is a true professional and I think he will rub off on some young players.
          I hope we get him some help in the lineup next season.
          Sure would be nice to have a Ryan Howard type like last season in Philly for him.
          Go Gigantes!


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