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    Give me your predictions on the giants pitching staff and Barry

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    Why, what are they doing with Barry?
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      Bonds just "happens" to get tested early in the season and tests positive when the suspension ends he just "happenns" to be tested again a week later
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        i think you are just wishing he would be caught but SORRY you are wrong
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          rickey, don't you have better things to do than slum around in the giants forum, trying to stir up trouble?

          don't you have some batting practice or something?
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            Schmidt will win 20, Morris will win 12, Lowry will win 15, Cain will win 13 (and win rookie of the year) and I really don't know about Wright. I could see him win 15 games, but lose 15 games this year. The biggest question mark other than Barry is the Giants bullpen. With Benitez on the DL, will Worrell do just as well as he did two years ago in that spot? Will Kline be effective? Will Walker be dependable? Will Munter and Taschner be effective? The Giants should have gone after Wagner this offseason because I don't think they can count on Benitez to close for them.
            You know it!


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