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Fan tosses syringe near Bonds

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    Originally posted by Sultan_1895-1948
    It was a pretty class-less act, but we shouldn't take things overboard here. If a fan hits the beach ball onto the field, is he arrested? It's about what the plastic represents that everyone has a problem with, not his safety.

    If they kicked out everyone who threw anything onto the field in the teens and 20's, they'd be playing in front of the peanut vendor and a batboy by the 9th inning, lol
    There is a big difference between somoene accidently hitting the ball on the field and someone throwing something at a player. And that Plastic thing might give others ideas to throw potentially dangerous stuff seeing how he or she got away with it.
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    "Yes, he offended everyone in the Bay Area."
    --Giants manager Felipe Alou, when reminded that A.J. Pierzynski is a more offensive catcher than the defensive-minded Mike Matheny (Sacramento Bee)


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