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Giants decisions 2012 so far so good

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  • Giants decisions 2012 so far so good

    Let's see

    Melky for J Sanchez
    Posey back and keeping H Sanchez as second catcher replacing the Whiteside/Stewart tandem of last year
    Blanco makes roster and now everyday leadoff man
    Arias makes roster as RH hitting SS and defensive stalwart
    Pagan for Torrez and Ramirez
    playing Belt every day (now)
    Theriot over Fontenot and now every day 2B

    looking good so far
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    Most of you guys know I am a heavy Brian Sabean critic. But I must give him major kudos for the movies he made this past offseason. They have paid huge dividends. Just trading for Melky was huge, but getting Pagan and giving Blanco a chance to play were also good moves. And finally letting Belt play everyday is also important. Though, I am not sold yet on Hector Sanchez (he has just 1 walk in 111 PA's!!) he is way better than Whiteside/Stewart. This team can go far in the postseason.
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