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  • Blame Tony

    how many times are you going to let IZZY fail..?keep this guy on the bench and trade him for a bat boy next year!Good L*rd!:grouchy

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    How many blown saves is that this year for Izzy?
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      the closer spot is the most overrated, but yet one of the most important roles on the team. if your closer fails you, your entire pitching system begins to unravel.

      it takes a special type of person to be a successful closer too. izzy used to be a mental bulldog. it's not by accident that he has been a top 5 closer during the last 5 years. as far as we know, izzy is healthy too. he shouldn't be struggling like this.

      enough is enough though. i understand tony's reluctance, but it's time to try something new. the reds are a game out of first place.


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        I watched parts of the game last night on SNY (the Mets' cable network). The bottom of the 9th. Izzy gets Reyes out, but then the soft hit to CF by LoDuca. I can't believe how Izzy pitched Beltran (he who nearly destroyed the Cardinals in the 2004 NLCS). He serves a pitch right down the middle and BAMM! Game over, Mets win. My grandmother could have hit that pitch for a home run.

        I think LaRussa ought to at least CONSIDER moving Looper into the closer role. He had a very effective eighth. The Mets announcers (Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling) were clear that Looper had an injury last year that impaired his effectiveness as the Mets' closer. That injury was surgically repaired and he is pitching well. Try him, he certainly can't do worse than Izzy (9 blown saves).


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          You are asking LaRussa to abandon the system he practically invented?? Not a chance.
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