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Best prospect by position in the cardinals farm system

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  • Senior skittles
    Originally posted by BaylorDan
    McCormick will be 23 in October.
    sorry, i must have misread it for someone else, ill still put him on this list though

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  • Solair Wright
    Mark Worrell seems to be a pretty good prospect in my opinion. If he does have struggles, then he can contact his uncle (Tim), who is still playing with the SF Giants, or dad (Todd). I'm hoping that one day that we can see good prospects play in Busch Stadium one day, and finally start a long and promising career in the Majors.

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  • BaylorDan
    Originally posted by Senior skittles
    mark McCormic age 20 highA.
    McCormick will be 23 in October.

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  • Best prospect by position in the cardinals farm system

    c Bryan anderson age 19 A hits for good average, gets on base, good D
    1b mark hamilton age 22 A good average guy, great D
    2b isaias garcia age 22 short season hits for high average, always on base.
    3b randy roth age 24 high A great power, good average, shaky D
    ss tyler greene age 23 A good power, his arm is a Cannon.
    lf cody haerther age 23 AA great RBI man, D is OK, hits for good power
    rf jon jay age 21 A possible 5 tool player (lacks power)
    cf colby rasmus age 19 high A 5 tool player

    jamie garcia age 19 high A
    mitchell boggs 22 AA
    adam ottavino age 20 A
    mark McCormic age 20 highA
    chris naverson age 24 AAA

    mark worrel 23 AA

    notable mention
    wilfrido pujols
    nick stahovina
    skip shumacker

    my reasoning for a lot of my choices was because i wanted to stay along the lines of young talented players instead of say a brian dabuch age 34 or skip schumaker age 26. All of these players have great potiential to become stars in the majors. It maybe a while before you see some of them but they are the top prospects of this orginazation.

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