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Mulder Considering Surgery

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  • Mulder Considering Surgery

    i heard a report on Fox Sports Midwest tonight that mulder is considering season ending surgery to repair his shoulder. they said there was nothing torn but he did have some fraying around the labrum. i think this is good news for the cards because, first, they don't have to start an injured mulder again and, second, they sould be able to sign him next year to a one year discounted contract. hopefully, the surgery will clean up whatever is wrong with mulder and he'll be healthy and ready to go for next year (in a cardinal uniform and at a reasonable salary).

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    He should go for the surgery and help improve his left arm if the MRI reveals a torn labrum. I do not want Mulder to run the risk of injuring his left arm and shoulder, then suffering the harsh reality of being forced to retire. One such event happened to Jack Armstrong, the former Cincinnati Reds pitcher whose career ended due to a right torn rotator cuff, and he was only 29 when he was forced to retire.

    We'll wait for his medical report tomorrow.


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      the latest news i could find says that a new mri showed no improvement over the one he had before going on the dl the first time. i did hear mulder is going to seek a second opinion from the mets team doctor before deciding on season ending surgery. but surgery or not, i think he pitched his last game for the cards this season (and possible for his career).


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        it was announced today that mulder is going to have rotator cuff surgary. i don't know what that means as far as next season is concerned. doesn't it usually take a year to come back from that? hopefully now the cards can sign him cheap to a one year contract with an club option for year two when he'll be 100%.


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          How many operations is this now for Mr. Mulder?
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