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    His start today was beutiful, 8 stikeouts in 5 or so innings .

    The reason he was doing so good today was that he was throwing 4-seams instead of 2-seams. Duncan and Tony believe in 2-seams so they tried to make him throw those before he was sent back to the minors. I think they should leave him alone because his 4 seam has a Ton of movement on it, and it works very nicely with his changeup.

    I see alot of cards fans that do not like him very much, but i do not understand why. He has Great potential if duncan would stop changing how he pitches, don't mess with success. And he is so young too, he just might be the next chris carpenter.

    they did get two or so doubles off of him on high and inside pitches but he made sure those people didn't come around to score .

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