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  • Best Post-Gibson Cardinal Pitcher

    bernie miklasz had a column yesterday talking up carpenter as the best cardinal pitcher since bob gibson retired. my immediante feeling was that i disagreed with the premise since the best cardinal pitcher i've seen in my lifetime was john tudor (i'm just a little too young to remember gibby). tudor was a master craftsman who used control and location to dominate the nl in the mid to late 80's. i do believe that he is still the cardinal career leader in winning % by a starter. he had that stretch after coming off the dl in 85 that was every bit as dominating and impressive as carp last year.

    however, thinking about it today (as i watch carp pitch) and putting aside my own personal bias for cardinals of the 1980's, i would say that there is an arguement to make in favor of carp. this three year stretch (04-06) is as dominant a peak for a cardinal starter as we've seen in a long time. he also has the cy young (tudor finished 2nd in 85) and may win another one this year.

    so is carp the best cardinal pitcher in the post-gibson era? does anyone else besides tudor have an arguement in their favor? bob forsch? matt morris? what about relievers? i think you could argue that sutter and worrell both had higher 3/5 year peaks than carp did. where would they rank?

    here's my personal top ten cardinal pitchers in the post-gibby era:

    1. carp (the cy young clinches the deal)
    2. tudor (the only pitcher i enjoyed watching more was greg maddox)
    3. sutter (a cy young with the cubs, the HoF, a multiple inning guy, money in the bank)
    4. worrell (threw heat, again money in the bank, multiple all star games and rolaids relief awards)
    5. forsch (won 20 games, two no hitters, all star, won a world series-an outstanding career)
    6. morris (the bob forsch of the 90's minus the no hitters and the ring)
    7. joquin andujar (back to back 20 win seasons and one tough dominican)
    8. lee smith (another in a string of money in the bank closers, the all time saves leader)
    9. andy benes (an innings eater who took the ball every fifth day)
    10. darryl kile (see andy benes)

    if i took the relievers off, i would probably add danny cox, joe magraine (led the league in era), bob tewksberry (won more with less stuff than any cardinal i've ever seen-the anti ankiel), or woody williams (the toughest competitor we've seen on the mound since gibby). honerable mention: jeff tabaka (just kidding).
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