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arthritic hip responsible for isringhausen's demise

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  • arthritic hip responsible for isringhausen's demise

    this is very bad news. it seems that jason isringhausen's inconsistency this season is being caused by an arthritic hip. obviously, this isn't an injury that doctor's can correct and cure. all they can do is temporarily alleviate pain. this might be the beginning of the end of his career.

    i don't know what to think. on one hand, izzy was killing us this season (career high 10 blown saves) and needed to be replaced. on the other hand, it's very difficult to find someone with the bulldog killer instinct that is needed to close games.

    braden looper is capable of filling in the rest of the season, but is he a long-term answer?

    i'll keep you guys posted as more develops...

    for more information, check out this article in the post-dispatch...

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    I don't want looper to be closer either.

    I think wainwright or maybe sosa should take over for the rest of the year.
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      Not Sosa for sure. I think we should give Wainwright a chance.
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        Lol i'm still sure sosa would do better than izzy

        I don't care, anyone but marquis, or weaver but i'm sure it's not going to be a starter anyway.


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          Me....I say Wainwright closes

          Izzy's injury hurts us how. I am just refering to all the blown saves he has and the HR's givenup.
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