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Well, everyone got their wish with Izzy

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  • Well, everyone got their wish with Izzy

    After months of hearing how much better the Cardinal would be without Isringhausen, they all got their wish...and the Cards bullpen is just as bad, probably worse than before.

    I am no Izzy fan, but I cannot believe the amount of disproportionate blame he recieved for this barely .500 team in the worst division in the worst league in decades. Yes, Jason struggled, but Isringhausen was in the middle of a long list of shortcomings for this Cardinals team...not the top problem as many Cardinal fans wanted to believe.

    Everybody wanted Izzy's head, but why not our dynamic lefty duo - Flores and Johnson-neither one of which who can routinely get out lefthenaded batters. Or Sosa the incredible reliver who is in the top 6-7 in HR's allowed:.eek: How about Looper, who is 0/2 in his only two save opportunities this year. There is a reason Josh Kinney played in the Frontier league. There is a reason Thompson played half of this season in AAA.

    Marquis? Yikes
    Mulder? Double Yikes!
    Suppan? First Half...Yikes! Secong Half...very good
    Weaver? Yikes!
    Ponson? Remember him?
    Reyes? Yikes for the most part (he is young)

    Even Wainright has struggled the past month. Except for Carpenter, Wainright for the first half and Suppan for the second half, this staff has been horrible, and Isringhausen is only one clown in a car full.

    I can just hear Cardinal nostalgic nation 20 years from now. "Man, that 2006 team was loaded. I can't believe Jason Isringhaused single-handedly kept us around .500 and we snuck into the playoffs. After all, that lineup was great!" (these are the same folks who say Whitey made no mistakes, Brock was one of the 3-4 best LFs ever, Glen Brummer deserves a plaque in Cooperstown because he stole home once, and believe Bo Bart, Joe McCewing, and Rex Hundler were actualy good baseball players.)
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    So many words describing a player who is having a record year (not in a good way)
    “A lot of people said I could be a good player. I just wanted the opportunity to show it. I just let it happen.”

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      I never wished any harm on izzy or wanted him out of his job......well maybe i was starting to have my doubts about him but i never actually said i wanted him out of that spot unless it was to break in some new talent. I wish him a swift recovery!!!
      Our future.....Colby Rasmus.....Im his biggest fan!!!


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        Yes, i said izzy sucks bad and i still think he does. But i never said i don't think the rest of the cardinals do too


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          Izzy has had a very poor year, but it still comes down to someone has to pitch the 9th. When people scream "anyone" can, there is ample proof to the contrary. It has to be somebody.
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