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    in general, i'm a relatively positive person. but i've finally reached the breaking point when it comes to this team. marquis' start last night was the final straw. in the biggest game of the season, gutless jason comes out and gives his team nothing. regardless of what happens the rest of the way, this team is dead. their fate is no longer in their hands. if houston doesn't lose 2 out of 3 this weekend, no playoffs for the cards. and even if they do make the playoffs, they're out in the first round. this is a bad team with deep flaws. it's painful to watch these guys play baseball. it makes me sad.

    with that said, here's my end of the season autopsy on the corpse of cardinal baseball.

    ownership: dewitt and company pocketed all that fat new stadium money and tried to put together a team on the cheap. rather than give jockety the money he needed to address the teams major holes in the off season, they tied his hands, forcing him to search the scrap heap for bargins. this mess gets laid directly at their feet. open the purse strings, boys.

    walt jockety: gets a large share of the blame. he put this team together. he's the one who has failed to build a farm system.

    tony la russa: this mess isn't really his fault. the only blame i give him is for continuing to run jason marquis out there every fifth day. that was a major mistake. also, did he not know that mulder and izzy were injuried? did he purposely use injured players? did he feel he had no other option? either way it's time for tony to go. this team quit on him. it's not his fault, but it's a fact that the team is no longer responding to him. it's been a good run but this is the end.

    albert pujols: the franchise. please god, don't let us waste the career of one of the greatest players we have ever seen.

    scott rolen: something is not right with rolen. maybe it's still the shoulder, i don't know. but this is not the same guy from 2004. too many guys left on base, too many foul outs. and the defense? have we ever seen "the greatest defensive third baseman of all time" play so poorly? too many balls getting between him and the bag. he's botching balls we've never seen him botch before. even that great arm is not as reliable as before. i don't know. i scratch my head. maybe philly fans can shed some light on this.

    jim edmonds: it's been a great run, jimmy, but age has caught up with you. i hope your head clears up and you enjoy the end of your career out on the west coast. see ya.

    david eckstein: 31 bb/ 41 k. 7 sb/6 cs. a .691 ops. this is not a good leadoff hitter. but with all the other holes the cardinals have, we can deal with eck at ss.

    aaron miles: 38 bb/42 k. a .680 ops. we already have one of these guys on our team (see eckstein above). we don't need two.

    ron belliard: 15 bb/32k. a 691 ops. we already have two of these guys on our team (see miles above). we don't need three.

    yadier molina: 26 bb/41k. a .599 ops. he has never proven that he can hit at the major league level. his defense has slipped from last year. if this was a good team, with a decent offense, you could hide his bat. this year, his inability to hit stands out like a sore thumb. we got nothing from him.

    chris duncan: 29 bb/65 k. i'm not as high on this guy as most of you but i like the .586 slg (compare dunc's slg to molina's ops). we have no choice but to bring him back and let him play everyday next year. i just have a feeling that he's a quadruple A player and at this time next year we'll be cursing his name. one of the few bright spots of the season.

    juan encarnacion: i didn't like the signing in the off season and i really don't like it now. 29 bb/85k. a .785 ops. fairly useless. and his contract makes him unmovable.

    preston wilson: 28 bb/118 k. is that a misprint? can that be accurate? good god, that's just awful. i hope he enjoys triple A next year.

    so taguchi: the only guy on the team with a decent sb% (11 of 14). his ops is .693-so he fits in with the rest of the guys on this team that can't hit. the great one is nothing but a fourth or fifth outfielder and proved it this year.

    scott spezio: a .829 ops. another bright spot. one of the few jocketty scrap heap gambles that paid off. should have gotten a lot move playing time then tony gave him. shave that little red beard off.

    hector luna: gone but not forgotten. a .792 ops-clearly outplayed belliard this year and made less money and is younger. nice going jocketty.

    john rodriguez: 21 bb/45k. last year's chris duncan. defines replacement level player.

    gary bennett: 11 bb/30k. .605 ops. he had one great weekend and was useless for the rest of the season. we can't find a kid in our system that can play this badly for half the price? oh wait-yadier molina.

    jose viscaino: a pro. should've played everday when eck was hurt and then should have moved over to be the everday secondbasemen. has no future with the club.

    scott schumacher/timo perez/larry bigbie: 109 ab, 2 hr, 6 rbi, 11 bb, 19 k, an ops around .600-nuff said.

    chris capenter: when the chips were down, when the boys where up against it, when he had his second cy young award in his hand, when he had big leads, our ace failed us. two eight game losing streaks, one seven game losing streak-so much for carp being a stopper.

    jason marquis: he of the 6.02 era. release him now before he has a chance to walk as a free agent. do you realize that if there is a one game playoff against houston on tuesday, marquis is scheduled to start? i hope he signs a long term, big money contract with the cubs in the off season so we can beat the crap out of him on a regular basis for years to come. i have never disliked a cardinal player so much in my entire life. 16 loses! you can almost single handedly lay the blame for this season at his feet. or you can blame tlr and duncan for continuely running this guy out every fifth day. you could pick a pitcher at random from triple A, pitch him every fifth day, and his numbers wouldn't be any worse than this. i try not to keep any hate in my heart but jason makes it hard.

    jeff suppon: a great second half. a true professional. a good third/fourth starter forced to be the number two guy for a bad team. i hope they bring him back.

    jorge sosa: another scrap heap guy. 29 hr in 115 ip. i don't want any more atl rejects on this team.

    mark mulder: played hurt for this team. has the guts and the talent to be a good number two behind carp. his injury was the death knell for the season. hopefully, we can get him at a discount for next season. would you trade danny haren for mark mulder right now?

    anthony reyes: great start the other day to end the (latest) losing streak. is scheduled to pitch the make up game on monday (if needed). only 70 k in 84 ip, suggesting that he will never be a dominant big league pitcher. and he's the class of the farm system. should have been pitching every fifth day all season long. we have to find out what this kid can do.

    jeff weaver: the season is now in weaver's hands. jeff weaver's hands. the hands of a guy with a 5.21 era and the 1.51 whip. it's enough to drive one to drink. we don't need him back next year. we can find a guy in our system to pitch this badly.

    adam wainwright: put him in the rotation. one of the few players that did more than was expected of him.

    jason isringhausen: was on pace to set the record for blown saves in a season before he shut it down. another guy who went out and played hurt. if the doctors can fix him, i think he'll be okay for next season. he better be, because his contract makes him unmovable and we really don't have a better option at closer.

    brandon looper: why overpaid. inconsistant. pitched better in the second half. looper and wainwright are no king and tavaras.

    brad thompson/josh hancock: servicable guys who should have jobs in the pen next year.

    ricardo rincon: a huge loss for the pen. we'll see about him next year.

    sidney ponson: a thought this was a good signing. i thought he would be a decent replacement for matty mo. i was wrong.

    randy flores: a major disapointment. a 1.67 whip. flores=gasoline.

    tyler johnson: we've seen enough. goodbye.

    brian faulkenborg: guys like him are a dime a dozen. goodbye.

    chris narveson: i'm intrigued and would like to see more of him next year.

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    i agree with your statements. I'm not to sure about how well Viscaino would have done in Ecksteins place. I hope Eckstein plays a full season last year. I also hope he plays well in the second half too.
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      Originally posted by Gashouse6
      i agree with your statements. I'm not to sure about how well Viscaino would have done in Ecksteins place. I hope Eckstein plays a full season last year. I also hope he plays well in the second half too.
      i like eckstein. i think he's a gamer. i also recognize the flaws in his game-especially at the plate. in a better lineup, he would be hitting in the 7th or 8th spot. but he's a good player with a lot of guts and we really missed him when he was injured. if he's going good with the bat, the cards offense is much better.

      as for viscaino, i wasn't suggesting that he start ahead of eck. i was just saying that once eck got hurt and we picked up vizcaino, he would have been a better option offensively than miles.


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        I think he are a good team with deep flaws, not a bad team with deep flaws.

        Cardinals do fine, I hate how people say they suck, or they have no chance. I think people say this because in the last 10 years or so they have had 3 seasons with above 100 wins. They are spoiled is all, In my opinion, if they are above .500 it means they are winning most of their games so they can't possibly be a bad team.

        If you think the Cards are bad then you oughta' thank god you are not a Cubs fan... Cubs are just AWFUL, and i'm not saying that just because i'm a Cards fan. I'm not sure if Tampa Bay or Kansas City has caught up with them yet but they are both better teams then the Cubs are. Cubs might still be ahead of them by 3 games or so, but Royals and D-rays are in the freaking american league if the cubs were in the american league they would have 10 wins...

        Another rant, by edmondsfan.
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          Originally posted by EdmondsFan#1
          If you think the Cards are bad then you oughta' think god you are not a Cubs fan... Cubs are just [B]AWFUL[/B
          that is indeed one of the many things i thank God for.


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            I'd pretty much agree with most of Hub's assessment, although i'd disagree about Duncan. He's still a raw talent, but I think if you send him to an instructional league, he can improve his defense and cut down on the K's. Actually, 29 bb's isn't too bad considering he didn't begin playing full time till June, has a large strike zone cause of his size and usually hit in front of Pujols, which meant he was going to get a pitch to hit.
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              Originally posted by 64Cards
              i'd disagree about Duncan.
              i think i'm pretty much alone in my assesment of duncan as a AAAA player who got hot for a month or so. but i do hope that i'm wrong in that evaluation and he ends up being a productive player for us (at a bargain price).


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