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    here we go. another october, another cardinal post season. first up, the padres. a few random thoughts:

    -game one is carp vs peavy. if carp can't win two games in this series, it's welcome to the off season. i feel good about this match up though because, statisticly, peavy is the pads' worse starter. sup pitches games 2, 4. weaver pitches 3, 5.

    -the roster

    carp, supps, weaver, marquis, kinney, thompson, hancock, looper, wainwright, johnson, flores

    molina, bennett, pujols, belliard, miles, eckstein, rolen, spiezio, duncan, edmonds, en'cion, wilson, taguchi, rodriguez

    reyes, vizcaino, narveson, sosa, schumaker

    anything stand out there? i'll spare you guys my "i hate jason marquis" rant.

    -how are edmonds and eckstein? if healthy, they'll be a big plus. but tony has a bad, bad habit of sending guys out there injured. i think eck is okay but what about hollywood jimmy's head? if his melon is still ringing, i see a lot of 0-4 with 3k (kind of like rolen in the series a few years ago).

    -jeff weaver. i have a feeling that this first series is going to be decided by weaver's start in game three. god help us.

    -the pen. kinney, thompson, johnson, hancock, and flores are gonna have to step it up.

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    I bet $5 Cards make it all the way to the world series. And then get horrendously killed.

    Records aren't everything, any team can be a good team but have a 20 game slump and not have a good record.

    Playoffs are a whole new season.

    2-4 you say? Hell yeah, glad to have you back Edmonds.


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      the playoffs are a different animal. and if hollywood jimmy is healthy and gets hot then watch out. if carp can win his second game and either supp or weaver can steal one, then they would get either a wounded mets team or a dodger team that they dominated all year. but we're getting ahead of ourselves. one game at a time.

      i really hope the cards make the series (and we'll take our chances there) and you win your bet.

      and, btw, the cards didn't have a 20 game slump, they had a 110 game slump.


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        game two is thursday. a 3:05 start. i just saw a report that has weaver vs wells. i thought supp was in line for the game 2 start but, if this report is accurate, then it's a great move by tlr. we already have our split in san diago and supp is a much better pitcher at home than on the road.


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          it's confirmed-weaver vs wells for game two. the good news is that wells has the gout. i guess i shouldn't laugh at another man's physical ailments but, come on, the frakkin' gout! isn't that a fat man's disease? they say it's pretty painful and should really effect the way he pushes off or land (depending on which leg it is). this is what we want to face in october: old, fat, gout-ridden pitchers. :gt


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