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Wow, they looked good

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  • Wow, they looked good



    That is the beast lineup they have put out there since..........well probally 2004!!!! The pitching was good, the offense was good, the defense was good. They played like a championship caliber team today. Evreyone helped in the win today. Complete domination is all I have to say. If they can play like that everyday....we may have a shot.............
    Our future.....Colby Rasmus.....Im his biggest fan!!!

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    I always thought they would get further then most people thought.

    They just have to put the problems behind them because for the most part they have pulled it together. Belliard making a spectacular play, my mom was pissed at me for screaming of enthusiasm at the dinner table h . Edmonds is back and he did much better than i expected, and eckstein is back. Aaron miles is/was gone (Yay.). The biggest problem i see is the relief pitching, the only good one as of late is brad thompson, who looks like a boy scout. Flores and Johnson just make me mad though...

    Putting Johnson in on a right handed hitter was stupid. I saw a bean coming when he stepped on the mound, imo his ball goes way to inside to face righties...


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      i love october baseball. you get one victory, you're on top of the world, and you're never going to lose again. you take one loss and it's the end of the world, everything is bad, and you'll never win again. every pitch is important. you're on the edge of your seat the whole time. my team, right or wrong. go cards!

      i didn't get to see the game-i had to work. :grouchy but we had the tv on in the bar (i'm a cook at a restaurant) and i had the servers bringing us half inning updates. i've been teaching these girls how to give a baseball score (the score, top or bottom or the inning, # of outs, who's at bat, how many runners on, and who's pitching).

      a healthy edmonds can make all the difference. i've forgotten how good he can be, how he can carry a team when he's hot.


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        Whenver Bellaird made that great play, I yelled, "What a lazy BUM! He can't field!"
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          Originally posted by Gashouse6
          Whenver Bellaird made that great play, I yelled, "What a lazy BUM! He can't field!"


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            belliard looks like hes finally got settled in as a cardinal...witch will help big time!!!!! Wetehr or not edmonds and rolen are as good as they once were...they can still strike fear into any pitchers heart...

            duncan 22hr
            pujols 49
            rolen 22??? cant remeber
            edmonds 19
            encarnacion 19????

            not bad production!!! If they all get hot at once....... I dont even want to think about it!!!!!!
            Our future.....Colby Rasmus.....Im his biggest fan!!!


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              I think 19 is good for Edmonds because if i'm correct he was out more than just once...

              and 19 is good compared to any other player it's just not as good as he used to be... poor jimmy. I think he is just having a bad year and it has not alot to do with being old, because 2003 he wasn't much younger but he was sweet and 2002, and 2004.


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