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  • Best moment from the WS?

    I watched every pitch of all 5 games of the World Series. Honestly, looking back, nothing really stands out except the Tigers blunder. Is there a moment from this series that you, as Cardinals fans, will remember for years to come?

    btw congrats to Jason Isringhausen and Mark Mulder, I know they didnt play but at least they'll get a nice ring to wear. They are much missed in Oakland.
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    Nothing stands out to me in the WS, but in the NLCS, Yadier's homerun was the most memorable play.
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      How about the great pitching of Reyes, Rogers and Carpenter? And there was a great play in Game 5 by Pujols and Weaver, Pujols making a great diving stop of a sharp grounder and Weaver making a great scoop of the throw.
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        Oh yeah, and that 'blemish' on Rogers' hand sort of stands out....
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          Originally posted by Dodgerfan1
          Oh yeah, and that 'blemish' on Rogers' hand sort of stands out....
          I was mostly refering to Cardinals moments of glory, since the Tigers blunders were aplenty...
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            my favorite moment from the series (other than wainwright striking out inge to end it) was when i was watching chris carpenter in game three and realized that he had brought his best stuff.


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              When Eckstein's 3rd double of game 3 tipped off of Monroe's glove, I knew the Card's would win the whole thing. That is what I will remember most.
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                I have four moments I'll remember forever.

                1) Eckstein's double to win it in game four that went off Monroes glove.

                2) Chris Carpenter's total domination of the Tigers in game 3. The guy threw 23 pitches to record the first 9 outs -- only needed 83 pitches to go 8 innings.

                3) Pujols diving for a ball into the 2B hole and then throwing the ball from his back to nail the runner at first when Weaver fields the ball on a hop and tags first base.

                4) Wainrights straight up filty curve balls all through the playoffs and especially the one he threw Inge to end it. That thing is just straight nasty.
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                  Without question, it's Weaver's Game 5 start. From getting released midseason, and then pitching the game of your life to win the World Series clinching game. He made one mistake, and it wasn't a bad one, all game. Unbelievable.


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                    more memorable plays in the NLCS but in the WS wainwrights last strike out was probably best.


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                      Rolen and Pujols setting the tone of the WS with homeruns in game 1, along with Reyes earning a permanent spot in the rotation with his pitching in the same game.:gt


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                        For me, it is all about personal moments.... I was at game 4 with my dad and my son, and game 5 with just my son.

                        After going to the WS in 82, 85, and 87, and then this year with my dad and son, and being in the bleachers when Wainwirght's slider was missed by Inge... well it is hard to describe with a keyboard.

                        Hugging my 10 year old son, while the players rushed out of the dugout to hug each other is my favorite moment.

                        Other great moments...

                        Eckstien's double seemed like it was in slow motion. The battling at bat, then the solid contact, the ball screaming towards the gap....the noise in the crowd rising as we all simultaneously thought, yelled, did a dance with our body to help the ball get down - ala Carlton Fisk... then the moment of almost quiet while Monroe dove, the ball approached, and you somehow knew this was it.... 45,000 people holding their breath all at once. The ball tips of his glove, and as it hits the ground, Miles raceing around third to take the lead... the place freaking ERUPTED, 45,000 people exhaling as loudly as they could all at once......Eckstein trots into second, and somehow, even though you could not say it, looking back, we KNEW we had it then. I think Monroe may still be laying there.....

                        Rolens dying quail hit to right, and insurance RBI was huge. You could really feel that that was a HUGE run there.

                        In the 9th.... we were all holding up THREE fingers, to signifiy three outs to go. Then we get the first one, and as the infielders were holding up ONE finger, we were all holding up TWO fingers.. two outs to go. It was wierd how we were doing the opposite. Then after the second out, we held up ONE finger (one out to go... was it really happening) and the infielders were holding up TWO. Kind of weirdly ironic, but it sticks in my mind.

                        Stan the Man throwing out the first ball at game 5. No WAY we lose a game at home, to clinch the WS, when Stan The Man is there. The place was almost as loud for Stan, as it was when Ecksteins double fell to the turf, and we took the lead for good. The scoreboard introduced him as "Stan the Man" no need for his last name, ever. The old man went after it on his throw, too. He almost fell over.

                        I will always remember the sign held up in the bleachers in game 5, after Verlander threw the ball away AGAIN... the sign read

                        HIT IT TO THE PITCHER

                        Classic Bleacher Bum right there. The sign is mentioned in Sports Illustrated, in one of Tom Verducci's classic lines. Something along the lines of how today's technology is so advanced, with scouting, video, etc. but the Cardinals game plan (at least part of the plan anyway) could be found on a homemade sign.... Hit it to the Pitcher.

                        After Granderson fell on his rump in Game 4... the shout from the RF bleachers was "put some Pine Tar on your shoes!!"

                        I will also always remember fondly how the Cardinals threw the gates open after the final out, letting about 10,000 (maybe more) people into the park to celebrate with us. There must have been close to 60,000 people in the park then, which is certainly a record never to be broken. Every standing area, every aisle, every staircase was full of people. We were all hugging strangers, high fiving anybody who happened to wander by. It was incredible. And those who did spill in off the street were DARN happy to be in the ballpark for the trophy presentation, and their built up enthusiasm, after watching from the street for 2 hours or more, helped take the excitement to the next level.

                        Curiously, I vividly remember a big guy in the LF Bleachers shaking a full Mountain Dew bottle like there was no tomorrow, and then opening the thing and spraying everyone within 15 feet of him during the celebration. Nobody minded of course.

                        The Riot police outside the LF bleacher entrance, just lined up against the fence, with absolutely nothing to do... as the Cards fans are/were classy and there was NOT going to be any trouble that night. People were posing in front of them for photos with them in the background. I caught one or two of them sneaking in a smile, or a #1 finger here and there. It looked like they wanted to celebrate as well, but were working.

                        I will also remember that 99% of the Tigers fans I met were classy folks.
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                          Wainwright striking out Brandon Inge on three pitches to record the final out of Game 5.

                          That moment goes right alongside my most memorable moment of the 1982 WS when Sutter struck out Gorman Thomas swinging at a high fastball.
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