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The MLB Strike Zone ??? Whazzat

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  • The MLB Strike Zone ??? Whazzat

    Anyone who closely watches games, either on TV or at the stadium has to be baffled by the range of strike zones they see. TV techniques for framing the strike zone is the snitch.Remarkably, there seems to be no consistency from umpire to umpire in the way plate umpires call balls and strikes. Hacks, TV guys and ex-biggies provide a whole list of reasons and views on this phenomena......"He's an established player so he gets the benefit of the doubt"..."That rookie wont get respect at the plate until he becomes a seasoned veteran"...."The umpire is moving the game along by opening up the strike zone." etc.
    Who can forget the '97 championship series key strikeout of Braves' Fred McGriff by Livan Hernandez of the Marlins on a pitch that strained everyones imagination (and also strained the catchers back)....Robby Alomar spitting on the plate umpire after a ridiculous strike call......on and on. Does Bud have a rating system for ball/strike umpires??? If so, how is it applied? I admire Maddux' and Glavine's ability to "hit the shadow" but when it becomes an accepted, automatic strike call it detracts from the game. The problem is one of a leadership shortcoming out of MLB hqs...get with it guys.

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