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  • cards vs cubs rivalry

    hey first post, big cardinal fan. I remeber some good years when the cards and cubs had some good high stakes games but the rivalry hasent been great lately and in my opinon some of the newer fans dont regard it like it should be. The reason is because they have had no meaningful games that affected both teams run to the playoffs. Sure in 2004 they had some games in wich it affected the cubs chances for playoffs but the cards ran away with it so it was not very entertaining Although that rivalry has cooled off as of late I have really enjoyed the cards astros rivalry. 2 straight years with both teams making the nlcs and both teams won it once( although both teams got killed in the series). I think this rivalry has some real potiental to reach the level of the red sox yankees or waht once was the great cubs cards rivalry. If the stros and cards both make the playoffs again and somehow reach the nlcs again..that would be great. But hey if those cubs can get competitive again look for the rivalry to fire up again.
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    bring back ,kessinger beckert banks williams santo jenkins gibson mcacrver shannon cepeda brock flood carlton,,,,now we have true rivalry.


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      amen to that
      Our future.....Colby Rasmus.....Im his biggest fan!!!


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        The Cubs Cards rivalry is as strong as ever.... the Cubs mediocre (from a wins standpoint) playoff appearance a few years ago actually helped things. For a long time, the Cubs were not a factor in the National League, but have been much more involved recently.

        I saw a 2 Cards-Cubs games in 05 (one the extra innning win on a suicide squeeze by Eckstein after gems by Carpenter and Zambrano) and have been to Wrigley for Cards-Cubs games many times, including one in 04 when Renterian hit a Grand Slam, then Edmonds was knocked down by Prior..... Jimmy hit the next pitch onto Sheffield Avenue and Prior went to the showers. The Cards fans were going absolutely berzerk as we put up 12 runs that afternoon.

        I've been going to Cards Cubs games for more than 20 years.... and I believe the rivalry has never been better. Frankly, it is because the Cubs are actually decent now, or have been for the last 5 or 6 years. The first 20 years or so I was going to games 75-95 the Cubs had about 3 winning seasons or so.....

        Just try to buy tickets for games either at Wrigley or at Busch more than 5 hours after tickets go on sale for the first time this season. You won't be able to get any. Completely sold out almost every year. The online auction prices are also higher than for any other games.... the demand is high, and the rivalry is fine indeed.

        See you at New Busch on my sons's 10th B-Day, Sat, April 22.
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          I so hope I can actually get tickets to a Cubs-Cards game this year. I tried last year, but to no avail.


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            I am starting to hate the Astros more than the Cubs. The Card-Cub rivaly is not as strong as it used to be. That is for sure. With the Cubs lineup building up, the two teams might be closer on the standings. This might make the rivalry stronger.
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              First MLB game I went to was in 62, Card-Cubs. Really wasn't much of a rivalry then, the Cubs had been rather awful since 1946. I think it started getting interesting when Durocher came in as manager. Leo had played in St. Louis for the Gashouse Gang, plus nearly became the Cards manager in 64. But the Cubs had a few decent players in 67, like Williams, Banks, Santo, Jenkins. I remember in 67 when the Cards were in first and the Cubs came to town in July, only 1 back. Busch was packed for a 3 game series, there may have been about 20K Cubs fans there. The Cards ended up running away with the pennant, but the Cubs began getting somewhat competitive. Stiil, the Cards-Cubs rivalry hasn't had the big showdown series between the teams late in the season, like the Yanks & Bosox or Dodgers-Giants.
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                Originally posted by 64Cards
                Stiil, the Cards-Cubs rivalry hasn't had the big showdown series between the teams late in the season, like the Yanks & Bosox or Dodgers-Giants.
                That's because, for some stupid reason, the Cubs and Cards hardly ever play each other in September.


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                  I think the last time we played the Cards when it really really mattered was when we took 4 of 5 form them in September '03. I miss that series.
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                    this thread is pumping me up. this rivalry is always at its best when the teams are great, and i think our clubs are two of the better teams in baseball, with the cardinals being arguably the top team in the NL...

                    i'll be honest. last year drove me crazy. we beat up on everyone but the cubbies. i forget what exactly our record (5-11?) was with them, but it wasn't pretty. they really handed our asses to us. we'll be out for revenge this year though.

                    quickly... a few of my favorite recent moments from the rivalry:

                    ...kerry robinson's walk-off homerun on 8/28/2003 (i was at this game, and i called this shot - i was joking of course and almost fell over backwards when it actually happened)

                    ...steve kline's quote where he basically said he'd like to see prior take a line drive off his forehead and die... a little overkill, steve, don't you think?

                    ...any of the dusty baker/tony larussa dugout to dugout shouting matches

                    ...any time we send carlos z into a temper tantrum

                    perhaps my favorite recent cards/cubs moment...

                    does anyone remember july 20, 2004's comeback win? my friend and i were on our way to the st. charles family arena to listen to 43 speak, and traffic was an absolute mess. i was pissed off partially from the traffic, but mostly from the game. thank god the cubs turned to their notorious bullpen tandem of kyle farnsworth and latroy hawkins... before you know it, pujols had homered off each of them, and then "me" so "sorry" taguchi of all people hits one out to put us ahead...

                    (it looks like i'm officially back from my winter hibernation...)


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