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Lou Brock Stole 118 Bases at Age 35

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  • Lou Brock Stole 118 Bases at Age 35

    I never really thought about this. Wills had his record setting 104 steal season in 1962; Brock's first year as a regular. It wasn't until he was traded to St. Louis a third of the way through the '64 season that his SB totals took off. From '66-74 he led baseball in steals 5/9 and the N.L. 8/9 seasons. It wasn't until 1974 at age 35 that he stole over 100 with his record breaking 118. The ages of the three modern players in seasons with 100+ steals are:

    Vince Coleman - 23, 24, 25 (first 3 seasons)
    Rickey Hernderson - 21, 23, 24 (1st, 3rd, 4th full seasons)
    Lou Brock - 35 (13th full season)
    Maury Wills - 29 (3rd full season)

    Why did it take until his age 35 season, his 11th with the Cardinals and his 10th under Schoendienst for Brock to steal 100 bases?
    "No matter how great you were once upon a time — the years go by, and men forget,” - W. A. Phelon in Baseball Magazine in 1915. “Ross Barnes, forty years ago, was as great as Cobb or Wagner ever dared to be. Had scores been kept then as now, he would have seemed incomparably marvelous.”

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