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    I really hope the FO is not done. Even WITH Goldschmidt, the Cards's 2019 salary is lower than last season. I bet the average fan does not know that and thinks the Birds are actually lighting up all of their "dry powder" as somebody in the organization put it. There is or reason at all to not try to acquire a high-priced FA. Might not want to come here, but the effort should be made if noting less for perception. Still tons of tradable pieces too.

    Mo has doing a lot of traditional Mospeak lately. Speaking in ambiguous codes and whatnot. Saying that he thinks the 8 positions are filled...but will say something that leaves the possibility open. Really hope Mo isn't pulling some Kyzer Soze type stuff here.

    Considering Wacha, Goldy, Ozuna, and Miles are all FA after 2019 and yadi is gone after 2020 (and Carp being old), they really need to get a few young franchise cornerstones.
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    I agree. They fell just short the last 3 years and still have a solid core, just lacking the star power albeit the depth is good.goldy is a good step in the right direction.

    couple years ago I thought a rebuild might be good but they have a solid group now and not an obvious great next generation waiting.

    cubs are not a super team anymore either although their offense is still good.

    currently fg depth charts have cubs at 88 wins and cards at 87. I'm sure the cubs will add 2-3 wins in moves they make but you are probably not looking up at a 95-100 win team but to a 89-92 win team. Cards definitely should do some more.
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