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  • Pujols Walk Off

    Does anyone know where I can download the Albert Pujols walk off homer from the NLCS last year in Houston?
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    You can just view it at but I don't think you can save it or anything if that is what you are trying to do.
    St. Louis Cardinals BBFTG Website


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      Technically.... it was not a walk off.... Houston batted in the bottom of the inning.

      I have never really looked for a download of it.... I have a scar on my right hand, on the knuckle.... from when I smacked my right fist into my left hand as Pujols' bomb soared what seemed like MILES above the outfield wall...

      The wife and baby were asleep, and I had to do something while jumping around silently!!!!!

      I just look at the scar (I cut my hand by slamming my fist into the back of my wedding ring on my other hand) and remember the moment.....

      It was a great moment, and the first time in the history of MLB that a player was at bat, one out from elimination, his team was behind, and hit a HR to win the game. All the other great playoff or WS homers, (Mazeroski, Joe Carter, Bobby Thomson) all came either with the game tied, or NOT with two out.....
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        You can watch the entire Top of the 9th at:
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          the pujols HR is showing nightly in brad lidge's dreams... ur, nightmares...


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