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    I know the season is only three games old, but seeing the Cards take 2 out of 3 (could have been 3/3, except for rain) from the reigning NL champs was good for my soul. Positives are Ankiel doing it all, starting pitching holding up well, the bullpen doing its job (except for Franklin's stint in the loss). The one glitch was Glaus not making an accurate throw to Yadi to keep the tying run from scoring in game 1.:cap:

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    The team has jumped out to a great start, especially the starting ptchers. Looking back to the called game on Opening Day, we could very well be 4-0 right now and the only unbeaten team.

    So far I like what I'm seeing.


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      I don't know if I'm more optimistic on the season or not (162 games is long time and talent will prove out in the end) but it's been a great start and hopefully we can keep it up.

      A couple of points:

      -I think the addition of Lohse has had a stabalizing effect on the rotation. He's a solid guy who can eat innings and that's what we needed while we wait for everybody else to get healthy.

      -When you look at the individual parts of the roster, it's not that impressive but I like the way it all fits together. TLR has a lot of options when making out the lineup and when Ryan gets healthy he'll have more. We may never see the same lineup twice in a row.

      -The guys are drawing a bunch of walks. Pujols has eight, Izturis (!) has five, Skip has four, Glaus has three. We're putting a bunch of guys on base and hopefully this a trend that continues.

      -Glaus is kind of scary at third base. We've been spoiled watching Rolen the last few years and maybe we took his glove and arm for granted. I hold my breath every time a ball is hit to third now.


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        The show now goes on the Houston. Can the 'birds keep it going?


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