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Jason Isringhausen - bad pitching + bad control = ?

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  • Jason Isringhausen - bad pitching + bad control = ?

    You know, Isringhausen hasn't been himself this year. His control is off-hand, pitching sometimes go out of hand, and now I'm getting worried. This is his second loss this year, and now he needs to shape up or ship out.

    Either he needs to stop relying on his "trusty pitch" and/or listen to Dave Duncan for once. And I think his days as a closer may be over. Remember when he used to be a starter? I sure do.

    So now I ask, who should the closer be? (Mariano Rivera never loses 2 games until later on in the season)
    Keep Izzy
    Adam Wainright
    Josh Hancock
    Randy Flores
    Ricardo Rincon
    Braden Looper
    Brad Thompson

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    If "bump in the road" is on the far left, and "beginning of the end" in on the far right....

    I am "left of center" for the first time in my life.

    Keep Izzy..... for now.....

    Bryan in Indy
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      If he keeps throwing Caballo home run pitches, I say keep him.

      In all seriousness, I say give him a few more weeks to work the kinks off. Maybe spring training wasn't long enough for him this year or maybe he's just getting back into the baseball habbit, who knows. But I don't think 1-2 weeks is really enough to determine wether or not he'll be good the rest of the season.
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        Originally posted by Solair Wright
        (Mariano Rivera never loses 2 games until later on in the season)
        Wasn't that the opposite of how he was last year? I thought he started off very shakey and then tore it up the rest of the way...
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          Give him some time, we're only in april! He had two bad outings (yesterday and against the Cubs on sunday) and one not so good (first game with Brewers), but it's too early to scratch him from closer role.


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            keep izzy

            I say give him some time like the rest of the team needs, he'll get in the grove again, and look out, he will be smoking hot.

            He needs to quit being so hard on himself! I hear he reads the stuff on the internet and listens to what is said about him on tv.

            So if you're reading this IZZY lighten up and have faith in your self.

            Not all fans are so easily swayed!


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