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Edmonds strikes out with the bases loaded, finishes 0-4

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  • Edmonds strikes out with the bases loaded, finishes 0-4

    I have a feeling he's aging and probably finished. He struck out tonight with the bases loaded :grouchy and goes 0-4 with three strikeouts and one error. Did we replace him with George Bell over the postseason? I hope not. He's so overrated of a hitter and centerfielder. I'm just praying he'll be benched tomorrow. This is not the Edmonds we all know, with good batting and great defense. It's still early, I know, but Edmonds needs to shape up.
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    I listened to tonight's game. It'd been a rough little patch for him, with a few errors.

    I love Edmonds for his colourful catches in CF but I've always felt that these helped overrated him. You could be right about his age, he's creeping up on 36. He can still be a productive player. I'm sure Cards fans will still be treated to some old magic, but maybe not as much as in years past.
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