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How does Pujols look so far?

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    I'm a huge Pujols fan, I hope he keeps this up. I still hold out hope for .350/50/150, eternal optimist that I am (not to mention I rather dislike the taste of crow).


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      No way he hits .350...

      but a .310/.400/.550 year is possible. I don't see many more triple crown type seasons left, but he will still most likely has a string of good seasons left.
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        Was watching the game last week....Classic Pujols...he told LaRussa that he thought Jay deserved more playing time and could help the team if he were in the lineup more..Albert told LaRussa he would play third base to make room for Jay in the lineup.

        As the Cards announcer quipped: "This is just another example of Albert Pujols demonstrating that he cares much more about the name on the front of his uniform versus the name on the back of his uniform."

        This guy is apparently Gehrig reincarnated....


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          Saw the box, looked like he played 3B for a bit tonight as well. Starting to hit like himself, more 2Bs, HR a couple of games ago was vintage Albert, to right center. He's fun to watch, and it seems a pretty good guy as well. I'm a career-long fan, and he hasn't disappointed yet.


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