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Holliday: Most underrated player in the league?

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    Originally posted by GiambiJuice View Post
    The Most Underrated Player in the League title should go to Jered Weaver.

    He's made 152 big league starts and he has a 3.44 ERA and 1.187 WHIP.

    Since he entered the league in 2006. Only 11 starting pitchers have an ERA under 3.5 and a WHIP under 1.2 and he's one of them. He also has a .631 W/L percentage for what it's worth.

    Yet I hardly ever hear him mentioned in the conversation of best pitchers.
    Josh Johnson...some say the best pitcher in the NL since the beginning of last year. 29-12 on a .500 team since the beginning of 2009 with a SICK ERA. Some say he's got more talent than Halladay...


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      Since Matt Holliday entered MLB in 2004, he is 6th in wOBA, behind Pujols, Manny, A-Rod, Ortiz and Berkman. He's one point behind Berkman and Ortiz, a point ahead of Miggy Cabrera, and three points better than Braun, who is almost universally considered better and who is not only not as good a hitter but a far worse defensive LF. Holliday is one of the six best hitters in baseball and has been for most of a decade. Any recognition for Holliday short of that is the dictionary definition of 'underrated,' and I don't think that's the level of attention, appreciation, or respect Holliday gets, whether it's from ESPN or even the midwestern media, where he lives in a pretty big shadow.


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        Originally posted by csh19792001 View Post
        That's all I was saying, Edgar. On a national scale, he's extremely overlooked.
        Let's say you are right about this. So what?


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