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    Probably not the right time for such a thread but I start one anyway.

    What do you hink should the cards do with matt adams? he was tearing up the minors but he is a little blocked in STL.

    He can play first and maybe LF and the cards already have craig, carpenter and holliday who can play those positions. It is always good to have a reserve in case of injury but on the other hand yo don't want a guy with a .930 career OPS in the minors to be a bench player.

    should the cards trade him?
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    Oh yeah - definitely trade him. His trade stock has already dropped.
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      I think that would make sense. I would also hate to see him rot in the minors if he is really that good. I think they should give him another shot in the majors next year and if it doesn't work out deal him.

      BTW what do you think of that rosenthal guy? he pitched out of the BP this season but I heard he was a starter in the minors. does he have starter potential? 100 with a nasty curve is really really some great stuff. would be great to have him in the rotation in the long run but in the BP he is a valuable asset too.
      I now have my own non commercial blog about training for batspeed and power using my training experience in baseball and track and field.


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        Long term... He will start. I'm guessing 2014.
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          Could we trade Adams to get a decent 2B maybe? Just read an article about the Cards 2B issue on Mo said something like we are not as involved in the FA market as some would believe. Not too surprising. We still have Descalso, but he doesn't hit all that well. Carpenter is down here in Texas working on 2B, and that would be great if he could pull it off. The article also mentioned Kolten Wong and Pete Kozma as possibles for competing for the 2B job in the spring. Matheny says it is for the taking.

          What do you guys think? Carpenter? Stay with DD? Try out one of the young guys or trade for a proven vet while they develop? I know it all depends on how well Matt can get down the position, or if there are any decent vets out there that would be a good fit. It would be nice to shore up that position.
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            A crazy idea, but fun to think about:

            I would give Adams the shot at starting this year & move Craig to 2B (couldn't do much worse then some other 2B out there & would be a MUCH better offensive 2B then most). I know that Craig has played some SS & 2B in the past & understand that he has had some injuries etc. since then, but a lineup that would look like this would be fun to watch! I would also love to see the Asdrubal Cabrera trade talks from past come true & wouldn't mind the Card's pursuing J. Upton or Delmon Young. No offense to Beltran, but he has a lot of years on his body & I doubt will hold up as well as he did last year. As far as Adams, w/ a lineup like that around him, there should be very little pressure to perform & even if he does struggle the rest of the lineup can make up for it. Crazy I know, but also fun!

            C: Molina
            1b: Adams
            2b: Craig
            3b: Freese
            SS: Furcal (Cabrerea)
            LF: Holiday
            CF: Jay
            RF: Beltran
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