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My "confrontation" with Tom Lawless

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  • My "confrontation" with Tom Lawless

    Earlier this week, I asked for help tracking down footage of Lawless' Game 4, bat-flipping extravaganza from the '87 Series, and ipitch helped point me in the right direction. Gracias, amigo!

    But here's why I wanted it -- to remind those who hadn't seen it why the name Lawless is Minnesotan for Buck bleepin' Dent.

    This past Wednesday, this Twins fan got a chance to "confront" Lawless on his posturing shenanigans, and the moment was seized:
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    I don't know what is going on here, haven't checked out any link yet. Can't stand the fact that Tom Lawless was a Redbird for any length of time, let alone a starter in the '87 Series. You shoulda had a big confrontation with him prior to that Series! His HR be damned...
    "It ain't braggin' if you can do it." Dizzy Dean


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      Funny stuff, and Lawless does seem like a good guy. As I recall, he was on the Cards' roster the whole year but didn't get his first base hit until sometime in August.


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