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Red Schoendienst, Joe Garagiola and Bill Endicott: The only living '46 Cardinals

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  • Red Schoendienst, Joe Garagiola and Bill Endicott: The only living '46 Cardinals

    In 1946, the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Boston Red Sox four games to three in the World Series. Unfortunately, only three players from that club are still with us:

    Bill Endicott, 97
    Red Schoendienst, 92

    The oldest, Bill Endicott, contributed the least to the club. He had 20 at-bats and hit .200, though three of his four hits were doubles. 1946 was the second year of Schoendienst illustrious, Hall of Fame career. He made his first All-Star team that year and scored 94 runs for the club. Garagiola was a rookie for the Cardinals that season. In 74 games, the catcher hit .237 with 50 hits in 211 at-bats. His offense wasn't stellar, but he played solid defense.

    EDIT: Joe Garagiola died March 23, 2016.
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    Oh wow. Before I saw the full title to this thread, I was afraid it was one of your death notices being posted down here! I almost threw up my mood hit rock bottom so fast when I saw Red's name!

    Don't scare me like that, man. Jeez. . .
    "It ain't braggin' if you can do it." Dizzy Dean


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      The club is down to two as Joe Garagiola has passed away.


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        Red Schoendienst is now the only living St Louis Cardinal to have played in the 1946 World Series.


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          It appears Bill Endicott shuffled off the mortal coil in November, so now Schoendienst is the only player from the 1946 club remaining.


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            Long Live Red!


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